Corey Zone Your home away from home for all things Corey.


Why hello there you beautiful human, you. You’ve somehow found yourself in the Corey Zone, and you might be wondering why you’re here or why I’m here for that matter. Well, maybe I can help you out by explaining why I created the Corey Zone.

I’m here to write; to document; to make permanent the thoughts I have — give them somewhere to live other than the unreliable home of my mind. I’ve read that writing has numerous health benefits, which I feel like I could definitely use. It’s an appealing prospect backed by scientific research that I’m quite interested in seeing for myself. Another benefit would be the improvement of my writing itself; and further, the articulation and expression of the things I think. A better, easier, more satisfying time communicating with other people. I also want to learn about myself and the meaning behind the likes, dislikes, perspectives, ideas, etc. that make me myself.

And then there’s you, dear reader. I’m not expecting anything from you, if you even exist. However, if you are out there and you are reading this, I hope you find something to take away from the Corey Zone. I don’t want to divulge everything just yet, but I will say that I plan on having reviews and impressions of different media, including video games, movies, tv shows, etc. There will also be posts about life and miscellaneous matters.

So! Take your shoes off. Sit back. Relax. And I hope you can find a home away from home in the Corey Zone.

Don’t ever forget that you’re wonderful.